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Glow Local

Artisan Personal Care


– Locally grown, organic seasonal Chinese and Western herbs, harvested at their prime time.

– Certified organic, cold pressed, fair trade vegetable oils and essential oils and hydrosols.

– Exquisite and professional therapeutic mind-body-spirit formula

The freshest local herbs are most suitable for people living in the region, enhancing the self-healing mechanism.

A lot of the local ‘Lingnan’ Chinese herbs have anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antipyretic, antiseptic and antipuritic properties. These can relieve “damp heat symptoms” like skin sensitivities, eczema, dermatitis, abscesses, furuncles, ringworms etc. Their soothing actions particularly cater for urban people living in the fast lane. Many western herbs, well-known for their antioxidant, nourishing and cell rejuvenating properties can also be grown locally.

“Small is beautiful – New Organic” is our core philosophy.

“East meets West” synergies are characteristic feature of Hong Kong and our products embrace this wonderfully. Welcome to feel the vitality and true organic spirits for yourselves!

Conditioner/ Tonics

Vibrant Hair Elixir