The story of a modern plant alchemist

Founder, Herbal Bliss,
a “New organic” personal store (Since 1993) Supporting “small is beautiful”

Ophelia is considered by ‘green’ peers the pioneer and ardent educator of organic beauty and green lifestyle in Hong Kong.
In 1993, she founded an organic personal care store “Herbal Bliss” – the first of its kind in Hong Kong, supporting small bespoke organic brands.

She has been educating consumers on how to be “greener”. Workshops on “make your own cosmetics”, ‘read the labels’, green lifestyle,’ Real’ food, nature walks, natural perfumery, practical herbalism, incense appreciation and aromatherapy are offered.

Ophelia is the author of three Chinese books on holistic health, organic botanical beauty and real food, published in Hong Kong and Taiwan. She was a regular columnist for various local newspaper and magazine.

She attended certificate courses on Skin Care Ingredients at UCLA extension studies, U.S.A., Chinese Herbal Medicine Nutrition at SPACE, University of Hong Kong. Numerous professional advancements on Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Natural perfume making and permaculture held in U.S.A., U.K., France and Australia were also attained.

As a modern plant alchemist, Ophelia grows, harvests, extracts and distills plants. Her philosophy encompasses a “Small is beautiful- New organic” spirit, supporting small organic farmers and producers. ‘Glow Local’ is the latest organic homegrown and artisan skin care range professionally formulated, employing locally grown herbs. Over 95% of the ingredients are either certified organic, chemical-free organic, wild-crafted or cold-pressed.Her 25+ years of experience in working with both western herbs and local specific “Lingnan herbs”, laid a solid foundation in creating a line of products that are specific to people living in Hong Kong. There is a saying that ‘ People are nourished mind, body and spirit by herbs grown within their own vicinity’.

Ophelia is truly doing what she preaches and has been growing vegetables and hundreds ofmedicinal herbs and leading a green lifestyle for over 25 years.

Herbal bliss

Herbal Bliss was founded in 1993 by Ophelia Chan, green lifestyle and organic beauty pioneer advocate. It is the first environmental friendly shop in Hong Kong. Currently we have 2 shops in Central and Tsim Sha Tsui.

We stock over 300 bespoke artisan organic personal care products

  • Unique specialty products for face, hair and body
  • Aromatherapeutic and herbal products such as essential oils, carrier/ infused oils, teas and tinctures.
  • Botanical perfumes
  • Incense products

which embody ‘ Small is beautiful- New Organic’ philosophy- the true spirit of organics. We believe that professionalism, respect for nature and ongoing dialogue with plants are essentials for potency and efficacy.

We support brands that are made in small batches using ecological seasonal ingredients for top vital healing properties, mostly organic and wild-crafted. The founder(s) should have profound knowledge and experience in herbal medicine, aromatherapy and plant energetics.

Some examples of our representative
and innovative goodies

  • Glow Local- artisan organic skin care, shampoo and soap made in Hong Kong using local grown seasonal organic Chinese and western herbs.
  • Herbal Bliss organic skin care line, made in the U.S.A., chosen for their professional formulae and bounty of herbal ingredients that cater especially for people living in Hong Kong.
  • Herbal Bliss hydrosol- the first international certified organic skin care products in Hong Kong. (USDA, Washington)
  • Nahla : micro-crafted in Maine, U.S.A., transformational and authentic skincare
  • Marie Veronique from Berkeley, U.S.A.- backed by scientific research for special skin needs.