New Organic
Small is beautiful

Stay connected with self, others, the society and nature.
To foster a wholistic relationship based on trust, respect of cultural heritage and virtue.

We support :

  • Small productions with master skills done heartfully.
  • Experienced and ethical crafters, organic farmers, master distillers.
  • Small companies that respect uniqueness, humanity and personal service.

We adhere to :

  • High vitality, intricate formulae and exquisite qualities.
  • A greener and true organic spirit.
  • Socially responsible, fair trade and diversified culture criteria.

As pioneer of organic beauty in Hong Kong, product safety, organic farming method, no petroleum, petroleum by-products, surfactants such as sulphates, propylene glycol, artificial coloring, fragrances, preservatives such as parabens, hormone disruptors, no animal testings etc. are only our minimum requirements.

Organic standard has lowered due to the commercial, entrepreneurial oriented and industrialization of organic market. It is not necessary synonymous with quality.

We have over 20 years of experience and understanding of herbs, aromatherapy, mind-body connection and cosmic rhythms. The modern society, environment, pace in the fast lane create special needs of the psychic, spirit and skin. We trust that the positive energy and truthfulness of small and virtuous producers can permeate through our products.

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