Common name Cucumber Clary Sage Everlasting Peppermint Rose Geranium Rosehip Rosemary Sage Yarrow Cornflower Chamomile, German Lavender
Latin name Cucumis Sativus Salvia sclarea Helichrysum italicum Mentha piperita Pelargonium graveolens Rosa spp. Rosemarinus officinalis Salvia officinalis Achillea millefolium Centaurea cyanus Matricaria recutita Lavendula
Caption Oily Control Women's choice Complexion choice Refreshing choice Balancing choice Whitening choice Invigorating choice Antiseptic choice Soothing choice Cooling choice Comforting choice Relax & Revitalize choice
PH ph 4.7 ph 5.5-5.7 ph 3.5-3.8 ph 6.1-6.3 ph 4.9-5.2 ph 4.9-5.2 ph 4.6-4.7 ph 3.9-4.2 ph 3.6-3.9 ph 4.7-5.0 ph 4.0-4.1 ph 5.6-5.9
Shelf life approx. 2 yr approx. 16-18m approx. 2yr 1 yr approx. 14m 1 yr 18-20m >2yr 14m-2 yr >1yr 14-18m >2yr
Parts used fruit flower tops flower tops leaves leaves fruits leaves leaves flower tops flower tops flower tops flower tops
Aroma -- earl grey tea toasted honey scent cooling sweet rose scent w/ peppermint tone sweet aroma camphor w/ roasted honey herbal nutty flavour kitten's breath sugary smooth swweet acrid scent floral aroma
Body -- anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antiviral, bactericidal (e.g. sore throat)

Powerful anti-inflammatory, mild analgesic, cicatrizant

analgesic, antipruritic, depurative antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal,analgesic cooling, opthalmic, refreshing analgesic, antispasmodic, muscle relaxant antifungal, antiseptic, astringent anti-allergic, antiseptic alleviate skin hotness & hot flush antifungal, analgesic, strongly anti-inflammatory, cicatrizant, styptic anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-infectious, antiviral
-- hormone balance (PMS-massage lower abdomen) traumas, bruises, acne, burns, eczema, dermatitis relieve headache, fainting, herpes hormone regulator, menstrual regulator rejuvenating restorative, antioxidant, cardio-tonic (low dose) emmenagogic, regulate menstrual cycle & reduce PMS digestive tonic - improve slugglish digestion, encourage appetite soothe eye irritation, inflammation & tiredness digestive, sedative digestive, intestinal antibiotic
-- menopause - with sage/peppermint/neroli/rose/ geranium hydrosol help in detoxification, cell rejuvenator digestive, hepatic-restore liver cells lymphotonic, diuretic eye redness and inflammation headaches, migraines, debility, physical exhaustion carminative-relieve indigestion ease circulation problems in women - varicose veins & cellulite anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antiviral antispasmodic, ease menstrual pain reduce headache, helpful against jet lag
Mind -- calming, uplifting, relieve anxiety sedative refreshing to the emotion harmonising, balancing cordial, refreshing stimulant, alertness stimulating, hypotensor sedative uplifting, toning uplifting ease stress
-- euphoriant calming invigorating cleansing focus, aids memory balancing balancing aid good sleep
Soul -- emotional traumas fears calms mental racing anti-depression quickening weak spirit dullness, mental fatigue chronic fatigue irritability calming emotionally calming mental fatigue
-- heartache emotional wounds reduces stress, emotional exhaustion desire to escape oversensitivity
Skin cooling, astringent, hydrating, soothing, anti-inflammatory all skin type (can combine w/rose/geranium hydrosol) all skin type, esp. mature/dehydrated skin skin cleanser - refresh, cool & soothe, decongestant, anti-acne all skin type - balances the sebum production very beneficial to all skin types (esp. dry skin) Acne, oily hair, dandruff, strengthens & promotes hair growth (blended w/ cider vinegar) astringent-useful for greasy and acne type skin astringent - balances oily skin & scalp - promotes hair growth aesthetician's choice for dry, devitalized or mature skin or bruising excellent skin cleanser/masks for sensitive skin, rashes, itching/ eczema & psoriasis gentle & balancing for all skin type - cleanse & soften facial skin & the hair
-- oily & combination skin, help hair growth soothe irritation - a useful toner for rosacea, couperose & inflamed skin great mouth wash, breath freshener & deodorizing foot spray astringent toner, deodorant an excellent regenerative tonic -helpful to reduce scars aids circulation and water retention restores vitality, a strong anti-oxidant as anti-aging treatment improves acne & damaged skin febrifuge, decongestant, circulatory, tonic cooling, soothing & healing for baby's bottom acne, pimple & eczema, cleanse wounds
-- make-up remover (w/R.Chamomile hydrosol) regenerative-reduce scarring when used on fresh wounds detoxification, softens & degreases skin, removes black heads, retains water in dermis broken capillaries & rosacea, sunburn (combine with G. Chamomile for best result) eye bath -redness & inflammation invigorating, anti-oxidant facial spray, restore skin elasticity & energy general blood cleansing tonic soothes severe rashes, allergies, imflammations ophthalmic - used in compresses & eyebaths to soothe conjunctivitis, styes & blepharitis after dilution spray for sunburn & as a toner for acne skin, rosacea, couperose & other inflamed skin condition soothes burns & insect bites
Contra-indication nil pregnancy nil infant, eye area nil nil epilepsy infant, pregnancy infant, pregnancy nil nil nil
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