To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Herbal Bliss, a photography series was done to portray certain qualities in inner and outer beauty of women. The following messages are what we would love to convey:

Female energy: yin, soft but powerful, like virtues of water Passion/ Sensuality Playfulness: carefree enjoyment
Connection with the earth Intellect
Male energy: decisiveness, assertiveness, independence Rest

Concept and Styling: Ophelia Chan
Photography: Eric Rechsteiner

1. Self love is a prerequisite of loving others (and the earth):

We can choose to direct our lives, or go with the flow and get lost in the fast lane.
Personal growth and completeness can be attained by bringing nature, love and space into our daily living.

These portraits capture eight positive attributes and energies of women (and men as well). They shape our body, mind and spirit in an ageless and timeless state of being, beyond good genes, diet, exercise, no smoking nor excessive drinking etc. Understanding about wisdom of life, flexibility, emotional resilience, hope and ability to stay in touch with our feelings hold the key to health and quality of life.

2. Slow fashion:

Our outfits tell a lot about our values, perceptions of life, sentiments, position in society, sense of aesthetics and taste. They are also the bridge in communication between ourselves and the world/ environs.

Over 90% of my clothes and accessories as well as those shown in the images, are second-hands. Finding unique pieces in charity shops involves exquisite thoughts, creativity and a discerning eye. That include sense of color, texture, material, cutting, style and attention to details. The process is much more fulfilling and enjoyable than shopping in malls, chain stores and department stores.

To create the unique 'me' needs 'heart', leisure and inward reflections. After all, no two persons are the same.

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