My new friend from Wales- Yonnie

Dear Ophelia,

A friend of mine sent me the link to your garden on youtube. How pleased I was to see a like minded person in Hong Kong sharing similar value and living a life of similar principles...........

My journey has been long, started in HK but this journey has brought me to Wales, UK. I am living a similar life in a rural part of Wales in UK surrounded by hills and rivers. Originally I came because of the Centre for the Alternative Technology, to learn about how to make building more ecological and learn to live greener. I settled here after having met my husband here. Since then, we have renovated an old building in a ecological way to make into our home. I have learnt to grow vegetable..........

If you ever wish to come to UK for a visit, I highly recommend you to come to visit the Centre for Alternative Technology, check out their website.(

My best regards

Hi Ophelia,
Often when I eat my home cooking, vegetables from my own garden or from the organic or local growers, I think of how some people these days in China and Hong Kong have lost our wonderful tradition of eating WELL. Our culture, if I may say, been invaded and polluted by GREED, by food made in a production line, by systematized food, basically by a culture of making fast money, caring less. Our food has been controlled by a handful of huge supermarkets, by cooperations trying to genetic modify our food, to control our right to grow food and to save seeds, our food is together being controlled, altered and messed with everyday, we don't know what we are eating anymore. I do believe awareness is the first step, slowing down is the next necessary step in order to eat well. It does take time and care to eat healthy, and most people in the city live too fast, including myself in my HK days. The work you are doing is hugely important, the reversing process will not be easy, but as so many people are now fed up with the system we live in these days, people are starting to question what is going on in our life, it is a good time to make people think. I hope one day people will, no matter how small their home is, start growing some food even if it is a small way. It is a great way to understand and appreciate where our food comes from. It is quite easily taken for granted.

Living green has become a way of life for me, like second nature that I think about it anymore. We compost all our waste, recycle just about everything, give away things that we don't need to charity or others. We don't support supermarket. we eat mostly organic, fair trade, or local produce. I buy most of my clothes from charity shops, We buy our electric from our green energy source, we collect rainwater for our garden, our house renovated with environmental material and natural paint. In our area, there is a group of concern people in our area. Mostly came here because of CAT (the centre I mentioned) some time ago and stayed, like myself. There is a strong sense of community here, working towards the common goal, to create a sustainable environment for the future generations. I am relatively lucky to be living in such a community......

Best wishes

Hi Opheila, this is a lot of fun to watch if you could open it, it is the whole process of our green oak structure going up in seconds. If it does not work on your computer, then you will have to use the pdf file and do it manually, click one after another to get the same effect.

Have fun

Whole process of our green oak structure

Home interior
My studio and veg plots, now full and plants are tall
Green oak structure and garden
Inside the green oak I can proudly say that I made the boat like ceiling, the bookcase and the bedbase, not very sophisticated but a challenge.
My chard from previous years And more
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