Reflections on Life and Living

A thing of beauty is a joy forever (John Keats)

Organic beauty is not just about checking product labels for toxic ingredients(such as SLS、SLES、artificial colors/ fragrance/ preservatives, mineral oil, propylene glycol, parabens、petroleum by-products)or certifications (which are now losing grounds due to corporate infiltration that kept lowering requirements for organic standard). In truth and essence, organic beauty embodies the beauty of life and living in its purest and original form.

Small is beautiful

Herein lies the beauty of small quantity production that are possibly handmade; the harvest of community farmers who dedicate their passion and artistry to cultivate joyful fruits of labour.
Likewise, we provide a range of quality skincare products that bring out “beauty from its origin in heaven to all beings on earth”. From such glorious and dynamic vitality comes the highest power of healing, and more essentially, a deeper understanding of life.

Love for Yourself
Care for Nature
Connect with Community
Look at the World

Life is a philosophy of space; to live is to transform that finite time and space into infinity, leading to wisdom, character, transcendence, and growth.

Herbal fragrance follows the natural path of life, entailing literature, arts and philosophy, which in turn enlighten us along the path of true beauty, being, and unity between human and nature.
It’s also about making peace with oneself, embodying the spirit of beauty, truthfulness, goodness, and uniting with the origin of universe.

Herbal the call of nature
Bliss the perfect state of being thankful, joyful and natural
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