Be a Bio- organic Beauty Queen $66

The way to modern and natural beauty starts with a high beauty quotient; and a high beauty quotient starts with this book.
Making your own beauty products is a form of zen practice and therapy in action. Those who find no time for this may just be the ones in need of such a restful therapy for the body and mind. This book will get you started by getting to know the list of ingredients on product labels and becoming an eco-conscious beauty consumer.

  • Explore the uniqueness, functions and power of different plants
  • Therapeutic skin care from skin-deep to soul-deep
  • Extend your frontier of beauty to embrace yourself and others.
  • Deepen your support for “organic cultivation”

Green Health and Beauty (published in Hong Kong) $63

The way to perfect beauty inside-out starts with this ancient secret recipe that’s worth a try:

Ingredients﹕ A merciful heart for the planet, generous helping of caring, conscious confidence, and relaxed comfort…
Method﹕ Merge with nature and back to nature
Benefits﹕ Bringing you visibly exuberating glow, wisdom, charm and healthy longevity.

** Kick-start your healthful beauty routine by tossing away expensive products with dubious ingredients and safety standards!

When the butterflies are fluttering in a field of flowers, the antelopes loping in the woods, and dolphins gliding along the waves in the vast blue sea, they will be thankful for the green warriors who seek to protect them.

This is a collection of Ophelia’s beauty secrets over the years from East and West. From the daily routines of maintaining a healthy and beautiful being inside-out to easy tips about purifying diets, energizing meals and empowering exercises for your body and brain, you will be amazed at how easy, inexpensive, and eco-friendly it is to treat yourself and the planet well!

Simplicity is beauty!

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