Herbal Bliss Organic Hydrosols



Growing environ

In a region near the small town of Fruitland, situated in the remote NE part of Washington State, is a 280 acre organic farm. Near the large farm there are an additional 10 smaller organic growers. Nearby is a lake of around 150x4 miles with surrounding pine tree forests, creeks and meadows. Many of the farms have natural sources of spring water. In this region the summers are hot and dry producing top quality therapeutic aromatic herbs.

Small is beautiful

Our handcrafter-distiller employs low temperature and low pressure in distillation producing less than 5 gallons each time.

Premium quality

To preserve precious water soluble active constituents, we use freshly cultivated aromatic plants (instead of dry plants by commercial distillers) from the locally certified organic farms. Herbal Bliss Organic Hydrosols possess the highest plant: hydrosol proportion in the market.

Traditional wisdom

We use traditional copper distillation still for antiseptic/preservative effectiveness and elimination of yeast and sulfur aroma. The cooling process is slow, the hydrosols are sweeter and fresher, emit higher energy/vitality and ready to be used right after distillation.

Transparent package

The hydrosols quality is reflected through its transparent crystal clear glass bottle. Store in cool dry place. (e.g. boxes)

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