Organic Artisan Perfume - Ambience of Life
Created from Years of devotion

Hong Kong's first organic beauty brand Herbal Bliss has unveiled its first "handcrafted" organic perfume series – featuring two debut summer fragrances "Baroque Rose" and "Ode to Joy". The all-new series is a synergy of natural botanical essence, "soul-deep" sensation, and artistic aura. True to the spirit of "Small is Beautiful", the potion is handcrafted in limited amount, making each bottle truly one-of-a-kind.

Personally concocted by Herbal Bliss founder Ophelia Chan, the perfume series is infused with her homegrown botanical essence, essential oils , concrete, flower waxesand biodynamic grape alcohol. Extracted in the purest form, they are 100% organic and contain no artificial fragrance.

The potion is also a sublimation of Ophelia's rich experience in aromatherapy and natural beauty products. Having spent years searching, researching, and travelling to the origins of fragrances in different parts of the world, she created her own series with a novel interpretation composed of a variety of micro-ingredients characterized by ever-changing layers and abundantly diversified texture. Like any mesmerizing a musical masterpiece, its artistic nuance exuberates with a variation of high, middle and base notes.

Chanson of Spring
Organic Eau de Cologne
100% botanicals guaranteed

Made from homegrown plants, organic essential oils from small distillers, absolutes, flower waxes, herbal tinctures, biodynamic grape alcohol and organic hydrosols etc.

3 Graces
Fresh sweet fruity
Featuring Black Currant Jasmine grandiflorum Lime Sandalwood
Infused with a fresh homegrown orchid

Bright uplifting citrus aroma with traces of topical spicy accord
Featuring Italian Neroli Petitgrain flower Pink Pepper
Infused with a fresh homegrown neroli flower
Yuzu Eau de parfum
Featuring Japanese Yuzu Jasmine grandiflorum Blood orange
Sweet floral citrus.
Captures the elegant feminine, yet light-hearted beauty of a Kyoto lady.
Cocoa perfume balm
Featuring Bourbon rose Vanilla Cocoa
Sweet floral edible-like.
Brings out the independent, self-motivated, understanding yet playful mood of a young French lady.
Baroque Rose

Hailed as the signature European style in 17th and 18th Century, “Baroque” is a trend-setting cultural icon that spans across the centuries and continents with its inspiring impressions, aesthetic exuberance and visual grandeur. Baroque Rose is a blend of the most precious and purest organic natural essence, namely a variety of roses(French Rose of May being one of them), ylang ylang, carnation, mimosa and Ophelia’s “home-grown home-made” seasonal champaca extract. Accentuated with a magic touch of exotic ingredients, the fragrance emanates an intensity and vivacity that evokes confidence, self-love, pride and imaginative power of modern women. The stunning sparkle soars like an airy kingdom above all senses.

Ode to Joy

Endowed with the same title as Beethoven’s most celebrated masterpiece, Ode to Joy is also inspired by feminine icons like Audrey Hepburn, Margot Fonteyn, and Josephine Siao Fong-fong who embody the full bloom of female wisdom, talent, sophistication, elegance, humour and a subtly feisty temperament. The vibrant mix combines the endearing essence of white lotus, black currant, frangipani、Vanilla, clove bud, nutmeg and Pimento berry, etc. Not to be missed is the unmistakable aroma of homegrown white champaca that completes this jubilant symphony

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